Dr. P. M. Muniswamy Reddy, M. Venkatesh, Dr. R. k. Mishra


Selection of P1 seed farmers (ASRs) for different combination of P1 seed cocoon generation and supply to
SSPC Vijayapura to produced large scale commercial double hybrid and SK hybrid ds. Sericulture is
one of the most important rural industries practiced since several decades. It has certain inherent level to educate Sericulturists,
still a wide gap exists between there commended technology and actual adoption by Sericulturists. To plan a suitable
intervention strategy, to bridge this gap, it is necessary to understand the present knowledge and adoption level for improved
technologies, so also existing mulberry leaf yield and quality seed cocoon generation. Therefore, present study was conducted
to know the extent of adoption of improved practices at farmer's level in selected areas of ASR farmers Doddaballapura,
Koratagere, Nelamangala and Siddlaghatta covering ve locations with purpose of good quality of seed cocoons generation
and to produce quality ds. During the year 2018-19 signicant achievement of SSPC Vijayapura Production of Bivoltine F1
Silkworm Eggs on large scale as per the annual targets of 25 lakhs this centre could record a total production a quantity of
38,40,050 lakhs Bivoltine F1 ds was produced in different combination month wise and ds recovery Table-1&2.

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