Anna Puteri Gozali, Savita Handayani, Dairion Gatot


One of the most common manifestations of advanced cancer is the development of metabolic symptoms
called cancer cachexia. Adiponectin plays a role in increasing insulin sensitivity, anti-inammation, antiatherogenic,
proapoptotic, and anti-proliferative. Ophiocephalus striatus or snakehead sh is a potential source of albumin.
This study aims to determine the effects of Ophiocephalus striatus extract on serum adiponectin levels of cancer cachexia
patients. This study was an open label clinical trial with the design of one group pretest posttest. The study was conducted on
January-June 2019 at Haji Adam Malik Hospital in Medan with the approval of the USU FK Research Ethics Commission. Data
were analyzed using the SPPS program where p <0.05 was considered signicant. The results of this study showed there were
signicant differences in the serum adiponectin levels of the subjects before and after administration of Ophiocephalus striatus
extract for two weeks. The increase in serum albumin levels of cancer cachexia patients was obtained after administration of
5000mg Ophiocephalus striatusextract twice a day for two weeks.

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