Dr Sumant Kumar Singh, Dr Arun kumar, Dr Poonam Singh


The outcome of 18 claw hands deformities, corrected with the Zancolli lasso procedure was evaluated in
present study, deformity, power, movement, and function of the hands were evaluated before and after
surgery.The mean duration of surgery was 60 (range, 45–75) minutes. The mean duration of follow-up was 7.5 (range, 3–12)
months. Deformity correction was good in 13 patients, fair in 3, and poor in 2. The mean angle improvement was maximum in the
little nger,followed by the ring, index, and middle ngers.The Zancolli lasso procedure is easy to perform and does not require
extensive postoperative training. It restores synchronous nger exion and spares other supercialis tendons, thus avoiding
swan neck deformity of the ngers.

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