Esfayanti Sianturi, Syahril Pasaribu, Ayodhia Pitaloka Pasaribu


Soil-transmitted helminth (STH) infection can cause decreasing physical fitness in children, but the evidence available is limited. The aim to compare physical fitness in infected and non-infected children with STH. A cross-sectional study was done in school children in Talawi districts, Batubara regency, North Sumatera province, Indonesia. The study was conducted from July to September 2018. Physical fitness was assessed consisted of a cardiorespiratory component by measuring the consumption of oxygen uptake (VO2max), and musculoskeletal component by measuring muscular strength and flexibility. Statistical analysis using chi-square and Mann-Whitney test to assess physical fitness between groups. There were 140 school children enrolled in divided equally infected and non-infected children. Muscular strength and flexibility were significantly different between infected and non-infected school children. However, there was no different in VO2max between groups. Muscular strength and flexibility are weaker in infected school children compare to non-infected children.

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