Shakti Jain, Urvashi Barman Singh, Yashi Srivastava


Background: Pre term labour (PTL) is responsible for 75-80% of admission to intensive care neonatal units. Causes of
PTL have not been established but several risk factors are associated with it
Aim: The aim of this study is to nd association of genitourinary tract infections in aetiopathogenesis of preterm labour.
Subject and methods: This was case control study conducted over one year.100 pregnant women having PTL without risk factors with intact
membrane were compared with 100 pregnant women having labour at > 37 weeks. The two groups were screened for urinary and vaginal
infections. At delivery further swabs were taken from foetal surface of placenta.
Conclusion: Our study demonstrated that genitourinary tract infection is the major factor in aetiopathogenesis of preterm labour. Therefore
screening for genitourinary tract infection is strongly recommended to be included in prenatal care.

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