Vabita Bhagat, Anu Radha Bharti, Dinesh Gupta


Introduction: To study the comparison of post operative corneal astigmatism following frown versus chevron incision
in manual small incison in manual small incision cataract surgery.
Material and Methods : The study was conducted at govt. medical college jammu over a period of one year. The study includes a total of 100 pts.
With age related cataract and were divided into two groups of 50 each. Detailed ocular examination of the cases with calculation of preoperative
astigmatism were carried out in eye OPD.
Results: All cases were assessed postoperatively at 1st, 3rd , 6th and 12th week for surgical induced astigmatism .At the end of 1st week surgical
induced astigmatism of more than 1D was seen in 72% pts. of group 1 with frown incision as compared to 48 % in group 2 with chevron incision.
At the end of 12 weeks 54% of cases in group 1 with frown incision and only 8% in group 2 with chevron incision had astigmatism of more than 1
D. The difference between the two groups was statistically signicant.
Conclusion: It is possible to reduce the amount of postoperative astigmatism signicantly by choosing the incision shape .Surgical induced
astigmatism is less seen in patients with chevron incision as compared to patients with frown incision.

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