Dr Ali Amir, Prof. Afshan Bey, Dr Abdul Aleem, Dr Yumna Qamar


Introduction: Dental health workers are always at a risk of communicable diseases. With the increasing number of infected patients and blood borne pathogens, it becomes very important to have proper knowledge and attitude towards communicable diseases. As hepatitis B infection is a major health hazard throughout the world, healthcare students should have through knowledge about this disease. The present study was conducted to assess the level of knowledge, attitude, and behavior about hepatitis B infection among healthcare interns as they indulge in more clinical work.

 Materials and Methods: A cross‑sectional survey was conducted of the interns of MBBS, BDS, and nursing at Rohilkhand Medical College, Institute of Dental Sciences and Rohilkhand college of nursing. The questions were obtained from a study performed in Turkey in 2010 and were modified by an infection control expert. Ethical clearance for the study was obtained from the institutional ethical committee, Institute Of Dental Sciences. Students who voluntarily wanted to participate were included in the study. Questionnaire containing 20 questions to assess the level of knowledge, attitude, and behavior about hepatitis B was distributed among the students. Data were compiled and statistical analysis was done.

Results: The response rate was 90% (N = 360). In our study, majority of interns had knowledge of HBV transmission. The level of knowledge was more in MBBS interns. Similarly attitude was also higher in MBBS interns but behavior was higher in dental graduates as compared to MBBS and nursing.

 Conclusion: With the measure of knowledge, attitude and behaviour the students should be encourage more to acquire knowledge, practice proper infection control and use of protective measures to control the spread of infection..

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