Kocherla Gangadhar


Social and economic development throughout India is frequently interrupted by extreme events. The Krishna district of
Andhra Pradesh is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters, thus to social and economic losses. Although disaster
events impact this region, in the latter, they can cause a sharp increase in poverty. As disasters pose an important hurdle to the development of this
coastal area, it is important to assess their global, regional, economic, and social impacts. Most economic assessments of the impacts of disasters
have concentrated on direct losses that is, the nancial cost of physical damage. Equally important are indirect and secondary impacts of disasters,
including the destruction of communities and their negative impacts on families. It is expected that concerted action on risk management will help
create an increased awareness of the economy wide signicance of natural disasters and the problems they pose for long term development.
Accordingly, this growing awareness will lead to an increased resilience in the selected area.

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