Dr. Himanshi


Road accident is one of the major problems which any country can face. In this context, India experiences high number of
road accidents and resulting injuries and deaths. In 2017, 4,64,910 accidents occurred, in which 4,70,975 person were
injured and 1,47,913 person died. This paper examines the trend and level of road accidents, injuries and deaths in India and it also explores the
causes responsible for road accidents in the country. The nding reveals that the number of road accidents and resulting injuries and fatalities has
continuously increasing. Large number of accidents take place on roads categorized as 'other roads', followed by national and state highway. The
young age-group is highly effected by road accidents. It is found that the main cause of road accidents is over speeding. It is suggested that several
campaigns should take place to aware people about causes of accidents and also introduce them to safety measures.

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