Dr. Anand P. Ambali, Dr. Pranay Kumar R. P


BACKGROUND: The older people in India are considered happiest as they live in well integrated surroundings and are respected in the family.
However, the changing trends of family life, children leaving parents in search of job, elder abuse, being lonely, depression and lack of social
support make the seniors attempt to end their life. This study attempted to know the incidence, pattern of attempted suicide, risk factors and its
outcome among the older people (>60yrs) admitted in a tertiary care hospital.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: A prospective clinical profile of the fifty older people admitted to the hospital for having attempted suicide over
five years are included to study the pattern of attempted suicide, risk factors, access to first aid, co morbid conditions, complications and outcome.
RESULTS: Majority of the older people (86%) were in age group of young old. Organophosphorus compound was commonly used by 70% of
participants to end their life. Factors like Depression and Abuse were common precipitating factors. Many older people did not want to reveal the
reason for this act of theirs. Respiratory failure was seen in 20% of the patients during treatment, with the overall mortality rate of 6%.
CONCLUSION: The older people attempting life is rising in India too. There is need to preserve joint family values, respect the older people in
society which is their due. Counselling services and psychological support for the older people who are depressed, staying alone and are abused is
the need of the hour.

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