Dr. Macnol Afonso, Dr. Amarnath Munoli, Dr. Jinisha Bhanushali


Introduction: The Reverse sural artery flap can be used to cover soft tissue defects of the distal leg, ankle and proximal foot. The flap has rarely
been evaluated in the paediatric age group.
Method: A Retrospective study was undertaken including four children, with soft tissue defects of the distal leg and foot covered using a distally
based Reverse sural artery flap.
Results: All flaps survived (100%). Venous congestion did not occur in any patient. Marginal flap necrosis occurred in one patient (25%). Reinsetting
of the flap was done in one patient (25%). There was no donor site morbidity.
Conclusions: The reverse sural artery flap can be easily raised, while sparing the major blood vessels and without any major loss of function. As
such it can be reliably used to cover defects of the distal leg and foot in the paediatric age group.

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