Dr Suryawanshi Neha R, Dr Redewad Nagnath K, Dr Pawar Sunil V, Dr Mahajani Sheetal, Dr Thorat Vinay K, Dr Sangle Shashikala A


Eosinophilic gastro-intestinal disorder is an uncommon disorder presenting with non-specic gastrointestinal symptoms. It is diagnosed by
demonstrating eosinophilic inltration of gut wall after excluding other causes of eosinophilia. It is likely a hypersensitivity response to food
allergen. The most common symptoms of patients are abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, early satiety, and diarrhoea. It responds well to
corticosteroids. We hereby present two cases – eosinophilic esophagitis and eosinophilic duodenitis- seen in a span of one month, presenting with
vague gastro-intestinal symptoms for over a year. Their endoscopic biopsy showed eosinophilic inltration of mucosa. The aim of presenting the
cases is to increase awareness of this disorder as high index of suspicion is necessary to diagnose these patients.

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