Dr Poonam Singh, Dr Sohan Prasad Choudhary, Dr Sumant Kumar Singh


Road Trafc Accident (RTA) can be dened as ,'An event that occurs on a way or street open to public trafc; resulting in one or more persons being
injured or killed, where at least one moving vehicle is involved. This study was based on Information on victim's age, gender, educational,
occupational, time, place of incidence, type of road, whether victim was pedestrian or any vehicle rider, type of offending vehicle, number of people
involved, nature, manner and mode of death, parts of the body involved, nature of injuries etc, were collected from interviews of persons/
policeman accompanying the victim's body and from papers involved in the medico-legal autopsy. It was concluded in present study, that we
require preventive measures, a systematic approach needs to be incorporated to minimize deaths. More man power needs to be trained and educated
to meet these needs.

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