Mohanty D, Hemanth A. V. V, Chandrababu M


Background :- The goal of this study is to compare quality of life (Qol) and symptoms in 40 patients with a deviated nasal septum preoperatively
and postoperatively.
Methods :-All patients reported Qol on symptoms over visual analogue scale (VAS) preoperatively and 3 months after surgery and the results were
Conclusion:- Septoplasty leads to a highly signicant improvement in Qol and symptoms. The patients do not reach the same level of Qol as
healthy people. All symptoms are reported as mild on VAS postoperatively.
Allergic patients tend to report more nasal blockage and facial pressure postoperatively than other patients and a focus on medical treatment should
be kept also postoperatively. Patients with obstructive sleep apnea report more trouble with snoring postoperatively and alterative treatment
options for snoring may be considered in these patients.

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