Annapoorani R, Nagasutha D


Thyroid dysfunction and insulin resistance are important endocrinological causes of spontaneous abortions. This study is aimed at nding
alterations in thyroid prole, glucose and insulin levels in women with spontaneous abortions. The present study is a case control study where 75
patients with spontaneous abortions below 20 weeks were taken as cases and 75 patients with normal on going pregnancy without previous history
of miscarriage were taken as controls. Thyroid Function Tests (Free T3 ,Free T4,TSH) ,Oral Glucose Tolerance Test following 75 mg glucose
load were done in cases and controls. Fasting glucose and insulin levels were measured and Insulin resistance was calculated using homeostatic
model assessment method (HOMA- IR).Free T3 levels were signicantly lower and TSH levels were signicantly higher in study group indicating
the presence of hypothyroidism in the abortus group. The HOMA-IR insulin resistance scores were apparently higher in the study group than in
the controls, but it was not statistically signicant.

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