N Padmaja, P Krishna Bharadwaj


BACKGROUND:The number of suicide attempts in developing countries has been increasing progressively, as in the
west. There is also a global trend toward increased suicide in late life, mainly in men. It is important to note that much of
the data on suicidal behaviour is based on information obtained from developed western countries.
This study is to detect any differences in outcome between elderly and lower age groups.
METHODS: Retrospective, Comparative study based on records of patients admitted in a tertiary care hospital over a
period of one year from August 2016 to July 2017. Primary outcome studied was death.
RESULTS AND CONCLUSION:Out of 778 suicide attempters studied, 58 were above 60 yrs of age. The ratio of male to
female suicides in elderly was 2:1, whereas in lower age groups, it was almost equal in both the sexes. The ratio of
completed suicide to attempted suicide was found to be 1:5, which is triple the ratio of 1:15 in lower age groups. This
reflects death due to added co-morbidities in elderly. This Incidence is very high and can be attributed to disintegration
of joint families in the recent era.

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