Dr, Jigar R Raval


Capital Market is vital for the growth and development of an economy. Now-a-days individual investors, mutual funds,
pension funds and insurance funds place their money in various instruments of capital market. Therefore, sustainable
and pragmatic development of capital market has become essential. With globalization of economies, the role of capital
market regulator assumes more significant and the regulator has to be dynamic and responsive to challenges and
changes not only to domestic but also to international ones. The most important issue to be kept in mind of the regulator is
the traders and investors' interest. Regulation is not a static subject and it is a very dynamic one. The capital market
reforms and its relationship with the Indian stock market is of great significance from the point of view of growth and
development of the Indian economy. Pre- globalisation capital market reforms did not have major positive impacts on the
volatility, liquidity and various other economic indicators of the stock market. However, the post- globalisation reforms
led to a marked improvement for the stock market development which has led to the economic growth in India and the
relationship between them have proved to be long term as well as beneficial to the Indian economy.

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