Dr. Abhijeet Kumar, Dr. Pankaj Hans, Dr Ram Raj Ravi


INTRODUCTION: Diabetes Mellitus is one of the commonest diseases of the world. The dangerous fact about diabetes
is that it is ''Silent Killer''. By the time patient is diagnosed to have diabetes, he/she is already affected with complications
like diabetic nephropathy, retinopathy and neuropathy. It is specially worse in India, where various factors delay the
diagnosis of diabetes compared to developed nations. Diabetic nephropathy and microalbuminuria are also strong
predictors of cardiovascular and overall mortality in patients of diabetes, and hence are vital indicators in the patients.
AIM: To find out prevalence of nephropathy in newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients and other
METHODS: .In this cross-sectional study first 100 pts from PMCH Medicine OPD and IPD of age>20yrs of type2 diabetes
mellitus during study period were taken and evaluated for HbA1c, urea, creatinine, Microalbuminuria, LVH, & blood
sugar levels.
RESULT: .It was found that 34 % of patients of type 2 diabetes mellitus have developed nephropathy at the time of
detection. Among these 34 patients 18 have developed LVH and 13 out of 66 diabetic patients developed LVH. Result is
significant with p<0.001. 92% of newly diagnosed diabetic patients have HbA1c>7.5% (p=0.01 significant)
CONCLUSION:. diabetic nephropathy is much larger than imagined in freshly diagnosed/new onset cases of DM type
2, especially compared to more developed nations. Microalbuminuria in patients with diabetes is a potential risk factor
not only for kidney function impairment but also a marker for high risk of cardiovascular complications

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