A. Thilagavathi, Dr. V. S. Kanchana


Smart phones are getting smarter each day. In view of the rapid development, multi-functionality, ubiquity and
connectivity of mobile devices, it offers a new and potentially powerful market for the Smartphone users. The objective
of the study is to identify the brand of Smartphone preferred by the respondents, to analyse the satisfaction of the
consumers towards Smartphone usage and to compare the satisfaction score among selected demographic variables.
The sample size is 200 respondents. The statistical tools used in this study are Simple percentage, Descriptive analysis,
Rank analysis, ANOVA, T-test and Regression analysis. The concept of customer satisfaction has attached much attention
in recent years. Organizations that try to analyze this concept should begin with an understanding of various customer
satisfaction models. They are living in world which is totally networked with the communication. With the advent of fast
technology, the world has become a global village. With the click of small buttons on a computer one can easily get any
information according to user needs and choice. Recent developments in mobile technologies have produced a new
kind of device, a programmable mobile phone, the smart phone. Generally, smart phone users can program any
application which is customized for needs. Furthermore, they can share these applications in online market. Therefore,
smart phone and its application are now most popular keywords in mobile technology. Hence, it is vital to analyse the
customer satisfaction among Smartphone users and make necessary changes in the technology in order to with stand in
the competitive market. The findings state that the consumers are more satisfied with user friendliness, picture and
sound quality of smartphones but not satisfied with after sales service pirce of current brand of Smartphone has an
influence over satisfaction. Samsung brand is mostly preferred by the respondents

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