Dikila Bhutia, Dr. N Mamatha


Media access is one of the most significant aspects of the media scenario due to the rapidly changing nature of the
today's media. Digital inequality as a concept defines the unequal distribution of ICT and the increasing gap in the
knowledge that is produced by the information that is spread through internet. But, the lack of access to traditional media
such as newspapers and television is studied less due to the accepted fact of everyone having access to it. During the
course of data collection for the research, it was noted by the researcher that many people did not want to participate in
the survey stating the lack of access to newspaper or lack of interest in newspapers. In order to validate the information
received; this research was conducted to understand the access and the use of different media in Sikkim, a total of 150
respondents were asked about their media access and habits. The results show that most people do read newspapers but
only occasionally and that people prefer social media and internet more compared to traditional media.

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